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Consumer Recovery Center

According to the US 2000 Census, approximately 24,000 adults with disabilities live in the Erie area and less than half of them are employed. The Consumer Recovery Center is a safe environment for members to enjoy a wide range of social or educational activities or to just be. The main area of the Consumer Recovery Center accommodates recreational activities such as pool, ping-pong, movies or board games as well as space for stimulating conversation and relaxation. There is a small cafe in which snacks and drinks can be purchased with space to sit and enjoy a meal with friends. The Consumer Recovery Center also provides members with two activity rooms, a Self-Help library, laundry facilities, computer center, lounge area, classroom, and a telephone where local calls can be made and received if necessary. We provide rides home to the surrounding areas most days out of the week. Over the last four years the MHA has served more than 600 people annually.


Membership in the MHA is free and there are no requirements regarding your attendance. Come as little or as often as you want! Any and all adults above the age of 18 with a history of treatment for mental health needs may seek free membership and services from the Mental Health Association. We operate for the benefit of mental health consumers through consumer conceived, designed and operated programs.

Visit "Our Place", our Consumer Recovery Center.

Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team: (CFST)

The Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team functions as a service to all mental health consumers and family members who are a part of the Health Choices Service System and/or the Public Mental Health system of Erie Co. Through the Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team's individual contacts and interviews, Consumers and Family members have the opportunity to voice their opinion regarding their own mental health services. The information gathered by this team is reported as group results to providers and funders and is used to improve mental health services in the areas of quality, accessibility, effectiveness, and general satisfaction in Erie County. This team has collected and analyzed as many as 4,000 satisfaction surveys from their fellow consumers and family members each year.

External Advocate

The External Advocate is located on-site at Warren State Hospital (WSH) and is available to patients 5 days a week. This advocate safeguards the human rights of all WSH patients regardless of county of residence, by supporting them when they have complaints or issues. The External Advocate helps with investigation of claims of abuse, neglect and maltreatment as well. The Warren State Hospital External Advocate also ensures patient involvement in policy development or change, and helps to disseminate information about rights and recovery to patients. (S)he is a key contact at intake and orientation for all new patients and is available to attend and participate in patient treatment team meetings and Consumer Support Plan sessions. The External Advocate also sits on multiple committees at the hospital. The external advocate is trained in Recovery Principles and Advance Directives. External Advocates Schedule

Looking For An Interesting Presentation For Your Club Or Group?

How about something on mental illness, homelessness, recovery presented by MHA staff and members who can talk about their lived experience related to these topics?

At first blush this may sound unusual but as we at MHA look at ways to confront stigma we find there is no better way than by those who have experienced these conditions telling their stories. When the stories are done, it is amazing the many eager questions that come from our audiences. There is so much people want to know and understand about these conditions that only mental health consumers can answer. By helping yourselves be better informed you help us in our quest to have an appreciation in our community for the valiant effort of our friends, neighbors and family members who are working to recover meaningful lives while having to accommodate a mental illness. I guarantee you will not be disappointed and that you will leave feeling enlightened and maybe even inspired.

Call Bill Grove or Diana Ames at 452-4462 for more information or to schedule a presentation.


Residents of Granada Apartments Helped

Oct 20 2016 Millcreek, Pa

MIHA Housing Case Manager Clifton McNair and Community Engagement Coordinator Diana Ames are working with residents of Granada Apartments who are being displaced as several buildings are being condemned. Granada has been home to many mental health consumers on fixed incomes, some of whom are members of the Consumer Recovery Center here at MHA. Diana and Clifton are members of Erie County Home Team whose members are putting together informational forums for the displaced residents and finding sympathetic area landlords to help re-house these individuals and families as quickly as possible. Both Clifton and Diana are very experienced and knowledgeable on housing and homelessness related resources and will bring their expertise to bear on addressing this devastating issue for those caught in its grip. MHA is proud of their advocacy as part of MHA.

Consumers Sought Out to Work on Campaigns

May 28 2016, Erie PA

Thanks to outreach by Diana Ames, MHA's Community Engagement Coordinator, an increasing number of candidates for public office are contacting us for volunteers to assist in their campaigns. We are pleased to say that this includes opportunities from both major political parties.

MHA cannot and does not support any particular candidate for any office but we can offer the opportunity for consumer members to take an active role in campaigns on behalf of candidates they may favor. This represents a great way for consumers to become more aware of how our democracy works and about important policy issues that can impact their lives. Dozens of consumers have taken advantage of these opportunities and have become active in promoting voter registration and action amongst fellow consumers. MHA is pleased and proud that our members and mental health consumers in general, are developing a voting block.

I'm The Evidence

I'm the Evidence/Mental Health Campaign (ITE/MH) celebrates people who are the living Evidence of mental health recovery and the individuals and communities that support them. People recover from mental illness. The Evidence is the men and women living fulfilled lives, supported by their communities.

Program Award Recipients ~

Internship Experience at the MHA

Several college seniors from universities within the tri state area have spent a semester at the MHA. We have asked our recent interns to express their impression of their experience with us.

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Outreach Program

We support other organizations by collaborating with them at their events. This provides us the opportunity to share information about the recovery programs at the MHA and to build relationships with persons with mental health issues in their own neighborhoods.

Outreach Program ~

Peer Support Program at MHANP

We are pleased to offer Peer Support as a free-standing consumer run program here at MHANP. Formal Peer Support is complimentary to traditional mental health treatment......complete article

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Schedule of Activities

We maintain a up-to-date list of the scheduled activities and events effecting the MHA. This schedule is listed daily at the sign-in-desk and sent electronically to dozens of organizations which have requested this service.

Schedule of Activities ~


Volunteers play a major role in the functioning and well being of the Mental Health Association and its members. Interaction with consumer center members is vital to the volunteer experience. Volunteers help in any way possible. Volunteering also provides opportunities for individuals who have been out of the workforce due to mental illness as a means to help ease the transition back into gainful employment.

Contact the Program/Volunteer Coordinator at 814.452.4462 x 103 for a volunteer application.