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Physical Health and People with Mental Illness: A Crisis

In a recent article published in the Lancet Journal of Psychiatry it was asserted that “the disparity of physical health in Persons with mental illness is a humanitarian crisis.”

More specifically, persons with mental illness have on average a 20 years shorter life expectancy than the general population. And further “mental illnesses were linked to an increased obesity and cardiovascular disease.” And in addition, physical illness and mental illness is closely linked over a lifetime.

Mental illness is closely associated with smoking, drinking, sleep disturbances, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition.

The cost, personal, social, and economic will continue to be an issue if left unaddressed among persons experiencing mental illness, the article suggests.

Therefore, early intervention at the onset of a mental illness is vital as are a “multidisciplinary” treatment protocol like those related to the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Targets are “physical activity and healthy eating.”

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