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Limitless Goals to Recovery

Towards the end of my Grandmother’s life I asked her what she would do if she had her life to live all over again. In a raised voice she said joyfully, “I would go the limit.” It has been years since her passing, however my thoughts often return to her words, “I would go the limit.”

I was left wondering what is the limit and how does one know when one has arrived at it. I have concluded that the limit is where one imagines it to be.

When I began my journey towards recovery from serious mental illness, I imagined my limits to be rather modest. As time passed and I progressed, the limits I had set for myself fell away. Granted there have been set backs and difficult periods. However, I have discovered that my limits are imaginary. Therefore I have decided to imagine my limits to be great and far rather that oppressive and near.

I read a quote once that I think speaks to this aspect of life. It went something like this: “One never knows the limits of what is possible until s/he has moved beyond the possible into what once was impossible.”

For those in recovery I suggest our limits can be made as fluid as quick silver. Truly, it will be our imagination and vision that will, in the end, dictate our limits.

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