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Four Consumers Honored At Annual “I’m The Evidence” Ceremony At MHA

MHA congratulates this year’s “I’m The Evidence” award winners. Jack Halli, Aubrey Hohman, Albert Thebeault, and Jeremy Berquist were all present on Wednesday May 17th to receive their justly deserved honors for being exemplary of successful pursuit of mental health recovery. Each honoree represented different, very personal recovery journeys as is true of all consumers who develop a vision of a full and meaningful life that accommodates illness and is not dictated by it.

For 7 years MHA has been celebrating Mental Health Month with the ITE awards. Call for nominations go out to the community and are returned to MHA for committee consideration. This year we had 4 nominees and the committee determined that all qualified. We are very fortunate to have each of these inspiring individuals both as members of the mental health consumer community and as members of the larger Erie community. MHA wishes them continued success on their paths to recovery.

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