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Erie County Treatment Court holds Graduation

The Erie County Treatment Court held its thirty-fifth (35th) Graduation on Thursday (6/21/2018). Being present during this ceremony helped recognize the diligent efforts and proud accomplishments of the graduates today. Also by being there for these individuals, it lets them know that they are not alone and that we are here to help them. Since this day, two hundred and ninety-four (294) individuals have graduated from the Erie County Treatment Court Programs. We hope that many more individuals out there, who are struggling, will come forth and take advantage of the resources offered through the Erie County Treatment Court.

Comments by Graduates at the Treatment Court

  • “Everyone is a VIP here.”
  • “We are blessed to have a variety of providers who work collaboratively.”
  • “Stay focused on what you want to accomplish and create your own future.”
  • “Continue to impress.”
  • “Treatment Court had my best interest. My journey is not over.”
  • “There is more to recovery than just not using. I have a lust for life and the future is bright.”
  • “The Program is easier if you don’t make it hard on yourself. I have direction today.”
  • “I live by a code. Work hard and do the right thing.”
  • “Can you spare a little change?”
  • “Treatment Court is transformational. I did it!”
  • “Thank you for continued support.”
  • “Each had challenges. They share perseverance.”

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