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Above & Beyond Award

The MHA Board of Directors recognizes that that there are times when MHA staff members perform exceptional deeds that prove to be instrumental in the lives of mental health consumers individually or as a whole. These exceptional deeds deserve to be celebrated. The “Above and Beyond” award is designed to express the MHA’s gratitude for these special efforts.

When an MHA staff member or members perform a special deed or task which clearly goes above and beyond routine duties and makes a significant difference in the life of a consumer or consumers, a nomination letter should be submitted to the CEO for presentation to the Board for consideration for this special honor. Nominations can be made at any time by any staff member, Board member, or community member. The letter should detail the deed performed, the reason the nominator believes this deed meets a threshold of being an extraordinary event, and how it significantly impacted a consumer or consumers. The Board will review all nominations and inform the nominator of the outcome of the review.

Staff who are determined to have met qualifications for the Above and Beyond honor will receive a recognition certificate and a $50 award and their name(s) will be placed on an “Above and Beyond” plaque at the MHA. The recipient will also be profiled on the MHA website.

What qualities will the Board be looking for in a nomination?

  • The nominee is an MHA staff member in good standing
  • The deed required the staff member(s) to extend her/himself or themselves personally with time, attention, energy and resources beyond their regular work duties.
  • The effort was unselfishly made on behalf of the well-being and recovery of a consumer or consumers.
  • The outcome of the effort made a life changing outcome for someone(s) in need.

Because this is a very special honor, not every nomination can or will be recognized. Nominated staff who do not receive an “Above and Beyond Award” may be considered for a commendation by the CEO.

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